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At, we work with lenders who specialize in short term loans. They (Lenders) help you obtain a loan that gets you cash to pay bail at your local county jail and/or court. The money received from these loans is deposited straight into yor bank account. You can then remove cash and go straight to the county jail or specified court to pay the bail amount. While our lenders happily help you with the financial loan to get you as much money as possible to pay bail, the Lenders are not qualified to give legal advice, discuss bail, court, or jail related questions. These questions can be asked to the court or  jail.

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Please READ the Following information. We want you to understand how bail works and how we can help you get the money you need for bail quickly and easily.

How Bail Works:

Depending on the crime, bail may be determined by a bail hearing or set by the county jail. Bail is money paid to the jail or court to make sure that if a person is allowed out of jail on bail they are likely to show up to their court date. If they show up for their court dates, the money should be returned to the person who posted the bail money. Bail is usually set low enough that the money can be obtained quickly but also high enough to ensure the person arrested will appear in court as ordered.

If the accused cannot come up with bail, he or she might ask a bail bonds person for help. In this case, the accused will put up a percentage of the bail and the bail bonds person will put up the rest. In this way, bail bonds are surety bonds used to guarantee the entire bail amount if the accused party fails to maintain the terms of his or her release.

Why not use a bondsman?

Bail amounts can vary and be costly. Bail can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars.

A bondsman will take 10% of the total amount of bail owed and keep it for themselves as payment, even if the person does what they are supposed to and shows appears in court. This is why bail bondsman help people out with getting a bail bond. They make money. Sometimes when the bail amount is extremely high (over $1500) it is a good idea to use a bondsman when you absolutely have to. But if its lower, do it yourself by getting a loan through Cash ADVANCE BAIL. You can save money as well as valuable time getting a loved on out of jail.

Example: Steve has been arrested and is in county jail. Either the night of an incident, or from an arrest warrant, his bail to get him out of jail is $1000 dollars.

A person can go through a bail bondsman and pay the bondsman 10% which is $100 plus a service fee. Whether Chris shows up to court or not, the bondsman keeps the $100 and service fee for himself, as payment for his service. You then loose the $100 and fee even if the person who was out on bail shows up to all their court dates. Instead of that money being returned to you, the bondsman is able to keep it.

The other option is to pay the $1000 dollars cash. When bail is paid in cash you can save money instead of paying a bondsman for a bail bond, and loosing the valuable $100 dollars. You also won't have to deal with a bondsman and the stress of having them on your back.

If you don't have the $1000 dollars cash to bail him out, can help!!!! Cash Advance Bail helps people find up to $1500 to pay bail in cash, without having to use, and put up with a bondsman. is here to HELP YOU!!!! We connect people with lenders that give LOANS for bail!

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Steve’s friend, girl friend, wife, or family goes onto to get a LOAN to pay for his bail in cash and he is then released from jail with a promise to appear in court as scheduled. After Steve to all of his court dates, he (or the person who paid the bail money they found on will most likely get their money back or have it applied to a fine issued by the court for the event. The court or jail, can answer questions about this. It is usually possible, if someone else bailed him out, that the person who paid the bail money be able to specify that they get the money back even if Steve is issued a fine. After all, they supplied the bail to help Steve get out of jail, and it should be their money, as long as Steve appears as promised to his court dates.

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